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Welcome to the DoingTime Productions website. We are still adding to it but here you will find the latest in what we are up to and what we have done in the past. You can also read a little bit about who is behind DoingTime Productions if you wish. Below you will find our trailer for our very first feature film “The Greed of Men” we are currently working on the release date but for now please enjoy!






AVAILABLE NOW! on Amazon Instant Video and Vimeo on Demand!

Soon, you’ll be able to download your copy of The Greed of Men!








Greed Wins at the AOF Festival

Actor Jeremy Fultz takes home the award for Breakout Action Star for his performance in The Greed of Men.

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Grindhouse-style exploitation, a twisting plot and highly stylized camera techniques that evoke action pioneers Sam Peckinpah and Robert Rodriguez. To complement the film, it’s paired with a gritty, pulsating electronic score that sets a dark mood for a mind-bending tale of violence, crime and betrayal.

Inside DoingTime Productions
Want to learn more about the folks behind The Greed of Men? Check out the crew that produced the film here!
Think you know Greed?
Did you know The Greed of Men was considered for a number of awards this year? Click here to see the list of nominations at IMDB.
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